AR development

AR for shopping and retail

AR can boost shopping experience and create more engagement in e-Commerce and as well in classic brick and mortar stores.

AR for Digital Marketing

Put your digital marketing in second gear. Use Augmented Reality to create more engaging advertising campaigns that are more likely to convert.

AR for tourism and travel

With use of AR you can create virtual spots that can be used as Time Machines which show you the past, you feel like you are there.

AR for architecture and furniture

Imagine placement of furniture and objects at home, office or outside. Augmented Reality offers you to visualize the design in real environment before you actually build it.

AR for printed media

You only have one chance to make an impact – be sure to make it a memorable one. Bring your printed media to life and create an exciting, innovative 3D enhanced engagement with your brand.

Augmented Reality for industry and education

AR covers many industry challenges. It enables us to boost digitalization and innovation in industry and production.

Augmented Reality offers a new innovative approach to enrich the existing user experience. On a technical level, AR basically consists of computer generated 3D models that can be placed in a real environment around us.


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