VR development

The virtual sensation

VR stands for Virtual Reality, which is a virtual representation of an environment, that offers users to enter a digital generated world or experience. Usually it’s used in the entertainment industry such as gaming or education.

How does VR work?

VR requires the usage of specific gadgets, usually virtual reality glasses, that enable vision of the virtual environment. With these glasses, users can view a VR experience and look around; however moving in such environments requires additional equipment, like gamepads or controllers to enable click actions.

360 virtual showroom

Dive into any physical or virtual world right from the web browser. Display your physical location in a 360 degree Web VR experience blended with interacitve tour guide and hotspots. It is simply sensational.

Let's build the virtual world together

We like to create digital worlds and dive into them. Let's create an awesome experience together.


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