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Spletni razvoj

We believe that the web is the window to the world. We build custom web applications, websites, ecommerce and many other solutions.

Mobilni razvoj

We create apps. Android and iOS mobile apps tailored to your needs that will create a great experience from the palm of your hand.

User experience

We build web and mobile solutions with perfect UX to help your business needs. Let it be a webpage or a web application to help your business grow.


Web Hosting

We offer hosting for webpages and applications, so that they are always available on the web. We know that handling IT tasks is hard. Let us manage your IT system, so you can focus on your business growth.

Spletni in mobilni razvoj

We co-create the digital world by developing advanced solutions using innovative technologies to bring your costumer and his needs closer to your product or service.

XR razvoj

We like to create digital worlds and dive into them. Let’s create an awesome experience together.

Razvoj AR

AR can boost shopping experience and create more engagement in e-Commerce and as well in classic brick and mortar stores.

Razvoj VR

VR offers users to enter a digital generated world or experience. Usually it’s used in the entertainment industry such as gaming or education.


Razvoj Metaverse

Imagine a world where you can enter a building and be entirely surrounded by your dream home. Or a world where you can walk the streets of a city without running into another person – or anything at all.

3D Development & Design

The metaverse is usually seen as the next step after the internet. It will be a 3D virtual world where people can interact with others from all around the globe without any geographical boundaries.


Razvoj Metaverse

Our team is working to make Metaverse a reality with artful architecture, research, and design. Come see what’s in store for the future of living.

Razvoj AI

Technologies are here to help, utilze them. Artificial inteligence and machine learning are becoming widely used to solve otherwise complex problems.

Razvoj AI

We like to understand the world around us. Image processing and Computer Vision enable us to understand images around us and detect characteristics of them.

Strojno učenje

Data is the new gold. Understand the data and you will have the ability to predict the future. We can help you classify data based on Machine Learning or Object Recognition.