360 virtual experiences gaining popiularity

360 Virtual Tours were one of the first Virtual Reality (VR) aims to create immersive experiences and offer a 360 degree overview of space. The solution was to give visitors an option to view the interior of specific location without visiting it.

Practical applications were Online Virtual Tours where you were able to look around and peek inside or get a closer look at the place.

What you needed at that point was a 360 degree camera to shoot a 360 photo and display it in the experience. However such experiences had a lack of interaction. You were unable to interact with objects and spots.

Lately we have been dealing a lot with Virtual Showrooms and we were able to create an Online 360 Virtual Experience where you are able to look around using your mobile phone by just pointing it around and interact with objects inside.

Posibilities become limitless, you are able to put videos, photos, product placements, even contact forms or order forms that are connected with other solutions and software.

You are invited to take a look at our 360 Virtual Showroom Experience here: https://foreach-labs.com/360-showroom/

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