Foreach Labs at XR Alpe Adria Online Meetup 2020

In the presentation we presented usage of AR Gestures using on SDK called ManoMotion. AR gestures usage has many benefits such as: A new principle of interaction in mobile AR applications Fun, user-friendly approach Good starting point with UX enhancement Easy to use and embed into application No need for accessories such as controllers to […]

Foreach Labs at Living Bits and Things 2020

Robi Pritržnik presented the current state of Augmented Reality in 2020 and we we can use it to solve specific problems in industry, marketing and other segments. You can watch the whole presentation on our Youtube channel here: The presentation is available here:

Foreach Labs on Expo Dubai 2020

At Foreach Labs we develop innovative solutions based on cutting edge technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence, Virtual and Augmented Reality and Machine Learning. We are thrilled to be a part of the business delatation on EXPO Dubai 2020. The organizers of the delegation, the Chamber of Commerce of Slovenia, in partnership with SPIRIT Slovenia, a […]

Foreach Labs Nominated as Finalist of Digital Center of Slovenia

Foreach Labs has been selected as one of the finalists of Digital Center of Slovenia for Most Innovative Companies of the Solutions Festival 2021. The Digital Center of Slovenia has highlighted development and achievements among almost 100 most innovative Slovenian companies that participated in the Festival of Solutions. The expert commission, which consists of representatives […]

Foreach Labs at KikŠtarter event “Future of AI”

Here at Foreach Labs we are developing a lot of solutions based on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Lately our CEO held a presentation “Future of AI” at Kikštarter. You can watch the whole video on our YouTube channel.