Augmented Reality for online shopping

As there are many questions on how and why to use AR for shopping, in this article I am presenting a few options. Web vs. mobile AR — which one to choose? Mainly there are two options you need to ask yourself on the first place. Is the thing web based or mobile based? Define […]

Augmented Reality Digital Marketing best practices

AR marketing facts 70% of consumers believe AR can bring them benefits. 67% of media planners and buyers want AR/VR ads in digital marketing campaigns. Augmented reality users fall into the 16-34 age group. Facebook acquired 11 AR/VR companies 70% of consumers believe AR can help them learn new personal and professional skills Memorable AR […]

List of Augmented Reality applications

Augmented Reality Apps for Remote Assistance – TeamViewer Pilot A great example of TeamViewer’s Pilot mobile AR app that is used for complex problems regarding Remote Assistance. The app enables a remote support agent to assist you with any problem and guide you through any maintenance issues. Augmented Reality Apps for furniture – IKEA Place […]

How can Augmented Reality help during the Coronavirus outbreak?

Augmented Reality Remote Support / Cronavirus-safe collaboration During the self isolation and not being able to communicate on premises with costumers, support teams in companies are having a lot of work dealing with customer support. To make things easier you can use AR when dealing with complex problems such as support on visual aided support […]