Foreach Labs at KikŠtarter event “Future of AI”

Here at Foreach Labs we are developing a lot of solutions based on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Lately our CEO held a presentation “Future of AI” at Kikštarter. You can watch the whole video on our YouTube channel.

360 virtual experiences gaining popularity

360 virtual experiences gaining popiularity 360 Virtual Tours were one of the first Virtual Reality (VR) aims to create immersive experiences and offer a 360 degree overview of space. The solution was to give visitors an option to view the interior of specific location without visiting it. Practical applications were Online Virtual Tours where you […]

List of Augmented Reality applications

Augmented Reality Apps for Remote Assistance – TeamViewer Pilot A great example of TeamViewer’s Pilot mobile AR app that is used for complex problems regarding Remote Assistance. The app enables a remote support agent to assist you with any problem and guide you through any maintenance issues. Augmented Reality Apps for furniture – IKEA Place […]

How can Augmented Reality help during the Coronavirus outbreak?

Augmented Reality Remote Support / Cronavirus-safe collaboration During the self isolation and not being able to communicate on premises with costumers, support teams in companies are having a lot of work dealing with customer support. To make things easier you can use AR when dealing with complex problems such as support on visual aided support […]


Spletna aplikacija za zaznavanje registrskih tablic in lastnosti vozila


Aplikacija AR z mobilno izkušnjo z uporabo portalov AR in vizualizacije