Development of Optics Trade Virtual Showroom

July 25th, 2022

We designed and developed a virtual showroom for the Optics Trade client.

Client challenge

The client wanted to upgrade the existing mobile application by adding new features and a new design.

The client's requirements included:

  • 360 degree photography
  • implementation of the conceptual design
  • Graphic Design
  • implementation of the development of the virtual exhibition space
  • integration of existing technologies
  • launch and publish on website

What services have we included?

  • 360 degree photography
  • web application development
  • development of a virtual showroom exhibition space

Optics Trade Virtual Showroom

Optics Trade virtual showroom offers:

  • physical store showroom view
  • view of key brands
  • the possibility of purchasing the product in the online store
  • simulation of a view through a telescope

360 virtual showroom

Dive into any physical or virtual world right from the web browser. Display your physical location in a 360 degree Web VR experience blended with interacitve tour guide and hotspots. It is simply sensational.

Virtual Showroom

Virtual Showrooms enable you to display and virtual or physical location such as shop, hotel, museum or turist location in a 360 degree experience that is available right from the web browser. No mobile applications needed.


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