Augmented Reality Digital Marketing best practices

September 15th, 2020

AR marketing facts 70% of consumers believe AR can bring them benefits. 67% of media planners and buyers want AR/VR ads in digital marketing campaigns. Augmented reality users fall into the 16-34 age group. Facebook acquired 11 AR/VR companies 70% of consumers believe AR can help them learn new personal and professional skills Memorable AR experiences show 70% higher brain memory storage AR triggers a ‘surprise’ response in the brain How are others using Augmented Reality in marketing and advertisment_

What do you need for an AR advertisement campaign? There are few things you need to provide an think before thinking about AR campaign:

content placement campaign goals platform that will be used for campaign what do you want to measure What platforms support Augmented Reality? Good thing is that most of social media platforms already support Augmented Reality. So you can use it out of the box

List of AR supporter social media platforms Facebook Instagram Snapchat TikTok Burger King’s AR campaign that burned the competition … literally


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