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  • Artificial Intelligence in automotive industry

    Lately we have been involved a lot in development of AI solutions as part of our service portfolio. Our last project was to build an application to automatically process violations and identify license plates in Slovenian licence plates.

  • Foreach Labs 2020 Year Review

    I'm not gonna be one of those who start everything with "This year has been very challenging for all of us ...". No! This year we went to the moon and back, twice! Let me explain.

  • We were nominated as top startup company by Startup Pill

    This year we worked hard. But we did it again! We were selected by Startup Pill’s top picks for the best Augmented Reality startups.

  • Simioza Magda - mobile app for seniors

    In cooperation with BTC d.d. and Simbioza Genesis we have developed a mobile application for the elderly - Magda.

    Magda is the first mobile application for the elderly, where all important content and information for the elderly are gathered in one place.

  • Foreach Labs at KikŠtarter event "Future of AI"

    Here at Foreach Labs we are developing a lot of solutions based on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

    Lately our CEO held a presentation "Future of AI" at Kikštarter.

  • 360 virtual experiences gaining popiularity

    360 Virtual Tours were one of the first Virtual Reality (VR) aims to create immersive experiences and offer a 360 degree overview of space. The solution was to give visitors an option to view the interior of specific location without visiting it.

  • Foreach Labs at Living Bits and Things 2020

    This year we were present at the Living bits and Things 2020, yeah it was supposed to be a live conference, however due to covid-19 the conference was set as an Online event.

  • List of Augmented Reality applications

    There are many questions on what Augmented Reality applications already exist and what topics and problems do they solve. In this article we are going to present already used Augmented Reality Apps.

  • Augmented Reality Digital Marketing best practices

    In Digital you always need to search for new ways to market your product. Augmented Reality enables you to enter users home while placing your product.

  • Augmented Reality for architecture and interior design

    Architecture visualisation and interior design can be quite a challenge, when dealing with problems in the area of visualising space and layouts. AR is adding value to the experience where users are able to digitally visualise the layout before the construction hasn’t even started.

  • Augmented Reality for online shopping

    It’s a fact, 2020 will be the year of AR making a great progress.

    There are already many great examples of brands utilizing AR to create better shopping experiences. Brands like IKEA, Adidas, Lacoste, Nike, Converse, Lego, Zara, etc., were one of the first to see the true potential of AR and implemented it successfully.

  • How can Augmented Reality help during the Coronavirus outbreak?

    Lately whole industry was hit by the Coronavirus outbreak and we are all hoping that the situation will cool down fastly. However we are constantly thinking how technology can help in situations like this. In this article we would like to describe our view of using AR while the Coronavirus epidemic.

  • Foreach Labs at XR Alpe Adria Online Meetup 2020

    Today on 24.3.2020 we were present at the XR Alpe Adria Online Meetup where we presented How we can use AR gestures to improve UX in AR applications. The whole event agenda is available at link here.

    Robi Pritržnik, our CEO presented a solution and perspective how use of Augmented Reality gestures can help improving User Experience in AR/VR applications. The whole speech and presentation is available in slovenian language in video below.


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