List of Augmented Reality applications

List of Augmented Reality applications

Augmented Reality Apps for Remote Assistance – TeamViewer Pilot A great example of TeamViewer’s Pilot mobile AR app that is used for complex problems regarding Remote Assistance. The app enables a remote support agent to assist you with any problem and guide you through any maintenance issues.

Augmented Reality Apps for furniture – IKEA Place IKEA was one of the first to utilize Augmented Reality into their business case, and they nailed it! The AR mobile app enables you to view IKEA furniture in your apartment of office before actually buying the product. It is magical. Check out more information of AR apps for furniture here.

Augmented Reality Apps for Translation – Google Translate Translation with Google Translate mobile AR app works like magic. It enables you to view text from live camera and display and translate text direct into your desired language. Simply amazing.

Augmented Reality Apps for Fashion – Gucci AR Gucci did an excellent job creating a simple mobile application that enables you to virtually try on Gucci’s products. You can try Virtual Sneakers, Lipstick and other Gucci products using the Gucci AR mobile app. Find out more about fashion mobile AR apps here.

Another great Example is FORMEX Try on AR app for watch try on.

Augmented Reality apps for navigation – Google Maps Of course Google was first to utilize AR into its application. This works perfect, however it is not yet available in all locations because it is currently still in beta.

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