How can Augmented Reality help during the Coronavirus outbreak?

How can Augmented Reality help during the Coronavirus outbreak?

Augmented Reality Remote Support / Cronavirus-safe collaboration During the self isolation and not being able to communicate on premises with costumers, support teams in companies are having a lot of work dealing with customer support. To make things easier you can use AR when dealing with complex problems such as support on visual aided support with fixing problems at remote locations.

A great example is Teamviewers AR support available on the video below.

Virtual Meetings – just like you are there, but you are not IF you are looking for a way that a group of people can meet online Virtual Reality is a thing you might try out. Virtual Meetings can be held in virtual environments where users can create virtual avatars, meet and comminicate in a virtual space aided by Virtual Reality. Altspace VR is one example of such solution.

Virtual Stores and products using AR During the coronavirtus outbreak a lot of physical stores are closed and businesses are losing revenue. If you already have an online store you might think of upgrading it using Web AR. That way custumers might transform into actual buyers because you have the ability to move the products right to your customers home.

To sum up Augmented Reality will surely not treat Coronavirus, however companies might benefit of using AR in their daily processes such as offerind AR aided remote support. AR can also help in eCommerce because of its convenient way of ofering product visualisation at customers home, without the need to visit physical store.

If you are interested in more examples take a look at our Examples available here.

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