Optics Trade

Optics Trade is an authorized dealer for over 30 brands that you can find in their online catalog. Optics Trade is based in the European Union (Slovenia).

We did an custom development for Optics Trade Virtual Showroom.

Development features:

  • 360 photography
  • virtual showroom development
  • popup information display
  • interactive points of interest
  • display of brands
  • interactive video display
  • integration to Google Maps
  • integration to Optics Trade Web

360 virtual showroom

Dive into any physical or virtual world right from the web browser. Display your physical location in a 360 degree Web VR experience blended with interacitve tour guide and hotspots. It is simply sensational.

360 Virtual Tour

Virtual Tours are a great approach if you want to enable your visitors a 360 degree view of your location that is supported with guided tours.


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