GPX Guide Web Application

The Problem

GPXguide needed a web application that would make it easy to create and save routes for hiking, biking and running. The application would allow users to easily plan their trips, share them with other users and discover new routes at the same time.

The Solution

To solve their problem, they decided to create a web application GPX Guide. The application was developed using the latest technologies, which ensured speed and ease of use.

Users can easily create routes in the app, follow other users’ existing routes, add pictures and comments, and share them with their friends. In addition, the application also offers various filters with which users can search for routes according to various criteria, such as difficulty, length and type of activity.

To improve the user experience and usability of the app, they have also added maps that show different routes and points of interest along the way.

The Results

The GPX Guide online application has become popular among hikers, cyclists and runners who are looking for new routes and want to easily plan their trips. Users can easily create and share routes and communicate with other users, enabling a community approach to outdoor activities.

The application has achieved great success and has become popular among users all over the world. With it, GPXguide managed to achieve its goal – to enable users to easily plan and share their trips and discover new routes.

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