Augmented Reality Examples

Augmented Reality gestures

Augmented Reality gestures enables you to control virtual object that are placed into real environment using AR. This way user has the ability to use their hands to interact with objects surrounding them.

Augmented Reality for industry and education

Augmented Reality comes handy when dealing with complex industry product visualizations. You can also use AR for education purposes that create memorable experiences and lead to faster learning curve.

Augmented Reality for fashion

Cool example on how to use Augmented Reality for fashion products. You can use AR Try On to enable trying virtual products before the user actually buys the product.

Augmented Reality for architecture and furniture

Everyone is struggling with buying furniture online, because the user does not have an presentation how the product will look like in real environment. This is where AR comes handy because you can see how virtual objects such as desks and chairs will look like on a 1:1 scale in real life.

Augmented Reality Business Cards

Business cards are boring. Give them a boost using Augmented Reality. It will enable a live interaction and open a whole new world of possibilities.


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