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We differentiate from other companies by using new technologies to craft unique experiences. We are continuously improving our understanding of the digital world, so we can bring new technologies closer to you and your customer, all while becoming new trend setters in the field.


  • Simioza Magda - mobile app for seniors

    In cooperation with BTC d.d. and Simbioza Genesis we have developed a mobile application for the elderly - Magda.

    Magda is the first mobile application for the elderly, where all important content and information for the elderly are gathered in one place.

  • Foreach Labs at KikŠtarter event "Future of AI"

    Here at Foreach Labs we are developing a lot of solutions based on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

    Lately our CEO held a presentation "Future of AI" at Kikštarter.

  • 360 virtual experiences gaining popiularity

    360 Virtual Tours were one of the first Virtual Reality (VR) aims to create immersive experiences and offer a 360 degree overview of space. The solution was to give visitors an option to view the interior of specific location without visiting it.