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Technology is limitless. Utilize it.

Metaverse development

Our team is working to make Metaverse a reality with artful architecture, research, and design. Come see what's in store for the future of living.

Custom Tailored Development

Line by line we handpick the right building blocks for the perfect blended solution.

Mobile development

World is at the palm of your hand, reach it with a tap.

AR development

Innovative AR technology will boost your user experience.

VR development

Dive into the digital world and feel the limitless experience.

Web development

Tailored web solutions fitted for your business needs.

Mobile development

World is at the palm of your hand, reach it with a tap.

Mixing technologies with strive to boost your performance.

We use new technologies to craft unique experiences, while we sail the digital sea, to discover the unknown and become trendsetters in the field.


  • S+T+ARTS Challenge Lab: what do science, technology and art have in common?

    S+T+ARTS - a project with the belief that science and technology combined with artistic insight open valuable perspectives for research and business with a human-centered approach. One of the STARTS projects is the Challenge Lab, an idea to create a generative graphical interface that would allow innovators to work collaboratively. We've made sure that features like speech, images, touch, text, etc. can work together to create a platform.

  • DIGITALLY INCLUDED - development of digital learning environment

    We participated in the Digitalno vključeni project. It is based on setting up a platform, which enables a wide range of activities and more information for the elderly. In order to make the project work, it needed a platform and a website, which is where we came in. We have based our implementation on one of our guiding principles, which is to find innovative solutions using top technologies.

  • Development of Beep Club social platform for client Beep Institute

    Beep Club is a hub for companies that aim to holistically develop the potential of their employees. They want to spread awareness of the importance of balance between company’s profit and employee satisfaction.

    We collaborated in development of Beep Club social platform for client Beep Institute.


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