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Mobile development

World is at the palm of your hand, reach it with a tap.

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  • Development of Beep Club social platform for client Beep Institute

    Beep Club is a hub for companies that aim to holistically develop the potential of their employees. They want to spread awareness of the importance of balance between company’s profit and employee satisfaction.

    We collaborated in development of Beep Club social platform for client Beep Institute.

  • Development of Optics Trade Virtual Showroom

    Optics Trade is an authorized dealer for over 30 brands that you can find in their online catalog. Optics Trade is based in the European Union (Slovenia).

    We collaborated on custom development for Optics Trade Virtual Showroom.

    Development features we included were custom 360 photography and virtual showroom development with popup information display, interactive points of interest and display visualization of brands. We added interactive video display with integration of Google Maps and Optics Trade Web

  • Development of mobile application Donat Moments

    Atlantic Grupa is one of the largest regional food industries with the well known brands such as Argeta, Barcaffe, Cedevita, Grand Kafa, Najlepše želje, ...

    For the Atantic Grupa client together with partner Kalmia we have developed a mobile application Donat Moments.


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